InnPro Ltd

Providing Professional, Practical Services For Hospitality Based Businesses

Our objective is to provide experienced, professional, practical and effective support to clients to maximise the true potential of their business.

We can help our clients with:

  • Business mentoring services
  • Strategic planning
  • Business plans
  • Organisational health checks
  • Facilities and services critiques
  • Product and services development
  • Tourism accommodation standards
  • Restaurant, cafes and catering development
  • Revenue enhancement programs
  • Profit performance improvements
  • Kitchen management and menu development services
  • Security systems development.
  • Business restructuring programs
  • Well designed, high performance websites
  • High quality, e-marketing support services.

Quality Assurance - Mystery visitor audits Our mystery visitor program will provide an independent critique so as to highlight areas of success and areas in need of change. You will have the opportunity to measure what is truly important to your customers so that you can improve services, revenues and profit performances.

Philip Sagar has been delivering quality customer service all his life as a front line operator in luxury hotels and now as a consultant.

Philip’s areas of speciality include business management support for hotels & guest accommodation facilities; business turnaround assignments; budgeting and standardised Hotel management accounts; management of change; quality toolkits/ raising standards.

Advantages of using our services:

  • You can call on us when you need us without taking on long term costs of employment
  • An outside perspective is crucial for spotting opportunities and resolving problems.
  • You can benefit from our expertise without having to learn things the hard way.
  • Using the experience of one or more of our team, you can save time while reducing risks of making costly mistakes